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FILE - President Donald Trump meets North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Hanoi., Feb. 28, 2019.
Experts say gap at Hanoi summit between Washington’s demand on denuclearization and Pyongyang’s demand on relief could mean even tougher economic conditions for North Koreans
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FILE - The file photo, taken Dec. 18, 2007, and released June 27, 2008, by the official Chinese news agency Xinhua, shows the cooling tower at the Yongbyon nuclear complex near Pyongyang, North Korea.
Pyongyang's offer to dismantle Yongbyon is insufficient reason to lift sanctions, nuclear experts say, adding that US President Trump probably knew this when he walked out of Hanoi summit with Kim
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FILE - Flags of North Korea and the U.S are flown on a street in Hanoi, Vietnam, Feb. 19, 2019.
Experts say lack of experience with Pyongyang contributed to collapse of talks between North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump
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지난 6월 싱가포르에서 열린 첫 미-북 정상회담에서 도널드 트럼프 미국 대통령과 김정은 북한 국무위원장이 나란히 섰다.
Experts see the move as a possible element in this week’s summit in Hanoi 'depending how the negotiations go'
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지난해 6월 싱가포르에서 열린 첫 미-북 정상회담에서 도널드 트럼프 미국 대통령(오른쪽)과 김정은 북한 국무위원장이 악수하기 위해 손을 뻗었다.
Experts note violations do not pose direct threat to US security; also, Pyongyang sees issue as code for regime change
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지난 6월 싱가포르에서 열린 첫 미-북 정상회담에서 도널드 트럼프 미국 대통령(오른쪽)과 김정은 북한 국무위원장이 악수하고 있다.
Experts say how Vietnam morphed from one of region’s poorest countries into an economic success story will be part of the backdrop for US-North Korea summit
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