An unending stream of people continues to file past the body of Pope John Paul at Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome, ahead of a funeral Mass for the late pontiff on Friday morning.

For a second day today (Tuesday), mourners are waiting in long lines for their chance to file past the crimson-robed body of the pontiff, who died last Saturday. His body is lying in state on a raised platform draped in white and surrounded by four guards in ceremonial uniform.

Meanwhile, cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church met for a second day to arrange a conclave that will elect the next leader of the world's one-point-one billion Catholics. A Vatican spokesman later said no date for the conclave has yet been chosen.

The pope will be buried in a crypt below the Basilica. Up to two million people, including hundreds of foreign leaders and dignitaries, are expected to attend the funeral.

John Paul's death has drawn eulogies from around the world for his commitment to peace, humanity and dialogue. But pro-reformers inside the Church are calling for a new discussion of issues like ordaining women, allowing priests to marry, and respecting one's sexual orientation.