Tension is running high in Lebanon after a bomb blast that injured at least six people in a Christian suburb of Beirut late Saturday.

Opposition leaders have blamed Syria for the blast -- the third to hit a Christian neighborhood over the past eight days.

Lawmaker Walid Jumblatt says Lebanon's Syrian-backed security forces are trying to destabilize the country as Damascus withdraws its forces.

Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir, leader of Lebanon's Maronite Christians, told worshippers today (Sunday) that the country faces a choice between sovereignty and more turmoil.

Talking to reporters after the Easter Sunday mass, Lebanon's President Emile Lahoud called on the country's people to be united.

The U.S. State Department has condemned the bombings in Beirut, saying authorities must arrest those responsible.

It also repeated the the U.S. call for Syrian forces to leave Lebanon immediately.