Preparations have moved into high gear for the festivities surrounding President Bush's second inauguration in Washington this week.

Authorities closed some main roads in downtown Washington today (Sunday) so organizers of the official inauguration parade could hold a dress rehearsal.

Meanwhile, thousands of visitors have begun to arrive for events that start Tuesday with a salute to military personnel at a Washington sports arena.

The celebrations culminate on Thursday when President Bush takes the oath of office on the steps of the U.S. Capitol building.

Afterward, the president will return to the White House to watch the parade, then head out with First Lady Laura Bush to the nine official receptions being held to honor his supporters.

Authorities plan to deploy some 6,000 law enforcement officers on inauguration day to maintain order and reduce any chance of terrorist attacks.

However, the National Park Service has agreed to give thousands of anti-Iraq war demonstrators a prime spot along the parade route.